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Ben Witherington 
Biblical World 
Corinthian Matters 
Craig Blomberg 
Craig Keener 
Cross Talk-Michael J. Gorman 
Crypto Theology 
David deSilva 
Douglas Moo 
Dunelm Road 
Ian Paul 
Institute for Biblical Research 
Scot McKnight 
Larry Hurtado 
N. T. Wright 
Nijay Gupta 
NT Gateway Blog 
NT Perspectives 
Paul and Scripture 
PhD Tips and Dissertation Advice 
Polumeros kai Polutropos 
Resurrection Hope 
Scott D. Mackie 
Society of Biblical Literature 
The Scribal Pen
  1. amol says:

    i will be thankful if you give me regular updates regarding New Testament scholarships.

  2. Definitely, I will try my best.

  3. blair weaver says:

    your work is certainly impressive. do you believe that the gospel of john and the book of revelation were written by the same author?

  4. Daniel jebasingh says:

    Nice sir

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