Full Access to Some of My Recent (2019-2021) Peer Reviewed Articles and Biblical Reflections Online

Posted: October 2, 2021 in General

Full Access to Some of My Recent (2019-2021) Peer Reviewed Articles and Biblical Reflections Online

  • New Book: An Asian Introduction to the New Testament (2021)
  • Jesus and Spirituality: Reading the Fourth Gospel in the Light of the Indian Culture (2021)


  • ‘Humanhood’ in the Gospel of John (2021)


  • Reading the Fourth Gospel in the COVID-19 pandemic Context (2021)


  • New Testament Ethnomusicology in the Indian Context (2021)


  • Reading the Fourth Gospel in India (2021)


  • New Book: Wider Contextualized Biblical Spirituality (2021)
  • Characterization of Thomas in the Fourth Gospel (2020)


  • Suffering for Christ: A New Testament Perspective (2020)


  • New Book: The Gospel of John: A Universalistic Reading (2020)
  • Dialogue as a Literary Genre in the Book of Signs, John 1:19-12:50 (2019)


  • Universalistic Style of the Fourth Gospel (2019)


  • New Book: Serampore Mission, Perspectives in Contexts (2019)
  • As the Father has Sent Me, I am Sending You, John 20:21 (2021)
  • Medical Expressions in Luke Chapter 1 (2021)
  • Hindi Book: An Indian Introduction to the Gospel of John (2021)
  • Believing is Living (2021)
  • Jesus is Our Benefactor and Our Helping Hand, John 6:1-15 (2021)
  • Lent and the Action Oriented Prayer of Jesus, John 17:6-19 (2021)
  • A Man Born Blind and His Discipleship Model, John 9:1-41 (2021)
  • God’s Work in Times of Quarantine, John 5:1-18 (2021)
  • “Newness” in John’s Gospel and the Year 2021 (2021)
  • New Joy of Salvation (2020)
  • Joseph’s Commitment for the First Christmas (2020)

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