Teaching John’s Gospel in Fifteen Sessions in Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted: June 24, 2013 in General

Teaching John’s Gospel in 15 sessions in Kathmandu, Nepal


Nepal Ebenezar Bible College

Jorpati Village Development Committee

Ward No. 4, Besingaum

Kathmandu, Nepal


12-16 August 2013

Lectures by:

Johnson Thomaskutty

(Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, Idia)

Fifteen Sessions:

(1) Characteristics, Authorship, Purpose, Structure

(2) Thought-World of Johannine Literature

(3) Literary Features of John

(4) John and Synoptics

(5) The Christology of John

(6) Johannine Dualism

(7) Johannine Eschatology

(8) The Paraclete in John

(9) Metaphor/Symbolism in John

(10) Johannine Passion Narratives

(11) Johannine Resurrection Narratives

(12) Dialogues/Discourses in John

(13) Johannine Exegesis

(14) Exegesis of John 1:1-12:50

(15) Exegesis of John 13:1-21:25

Selected Texts:

(1) Brown, R. E. The Gospel according to John I-XII & XIII-XXI (ABS, 1966 & 1970)

(2) Carson, D. A. The Gospel according to John (Eerdmans, 1991)

(3) Charlesworth, J. H. The Beloved Disciple: Whose Witness Validates the Gospel of John? (1995)

(4) Morris, L. The Gospel according to John (NICNT, 1995)

(5) Van der Watt, J. G. Family of the King: Dynamics of Metaphor in the Gospel acc. John (2000)

  1. Upendra Upadhyaya says:

    Great to have Johnson Thomaskutty in NEBC! It will be an enriching for the whole ministry.

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