With Serge Ruzer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Posted: June 10, 2013 in General

ruzerIt was exciting to travel by foot from École biblique et archéologique française de Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, and, again, from there to the Mount Scopus, where the main campus of the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem is located. While returning from the Hebrew University, I had to walk another way (avoiding the Mount of Olives) to reach École biblique (toward the Damascus Gate of the old city). The one hour I spent with Dr. Serge Ruzer (professor of Comparative Religion and Syriac Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) was worth as he fed me with a lot of new insights about the Gospel of John, Thomas literature (especially the Gospel of Thomas, Acts of Thomas, and Infancy Gospel of Thomas), and the Syriac Christianity. His strong emphasis on the commentary of Theodore of Mopsuestia (ca. 350-428) on John is worth mentioning. In my Johannine studies, I never thought of the significance of this important commentary. Another area he brought to my attention was the connection between Qumran community and the Syriac Christianity.  Now, I am challenged to explore all the details and resources he mentioned to make the best use of them in my research.

Thanks to Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian for the information that Theodore of Mopsuestia’s Commentary on John has recently been translated and published in the IVP series, ‘Ancient Christian Texts’.

Visit Prof. Serge Ruzer’s link here: http://religions.huji.ac.il/faculty/ruzer.html

By Johnson Thomaskutty, École biblique et archéologique française de Jerusalem


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