Biblical Archaeology and Topography: A Sharing with Riccardo Lufrani

Posted: June 9, 2013 in General

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFather Riccardo Lufrani (Rome) is professor of Archaeology and Topography at École biblique et archéologique française de Jerusalem. His major interests are Bible, Topography, Ancient History, Archaeological Method & Theory, Near Eastern Archaeology, Egyptology, Ancient Near East, and others. It was my rare opportunity to spend time with him in the École biblique cafeteria (Jerusalem). His emphasis is that biblical scholars must take up the aspects of archaeology and topography seriously in order to interpret the texts relevantly. Some of the important sites related to him and his works are herewith:

Ecole Biblique Page:

His response to Hershel Shanks’s question:

Topographie de Jérusalem et du Levant méridional:

Academia Profile:

Ufficio Pellegrinaggi Diocesi di Vicenza:

YouTube Link:

Archeologia, missione italiana cerca sponsor per svelare i misteri di Qumran:



The Bible in Its Traditions:

Thanks Father Riccardo Lufrani for your time and sharing.

By Johnson Thomaskutty, École biblique et archéologique française de Jerusalem


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