Global Perspectives on the Bible

Posted: May 24, 2013 in General


Read my short write up in Chapter 29, entitled “The Widow’s Offering and Dalit Theology”.

[Global Perspectives on the Bible (First Edition 2013) by Mark Roncace and Joseph Weaver, is described by the publisher as “a diverse collection of writings derived from a variety of geographic, social, cultural, political, economic, and religious contexts.” The book has forty chapters, each chapter having four articles with different perspectives on the biblical texts. The editors emphasize that these interpretations are only part of a much bigger global conversation, and they encourage readers to continue that conversation by analyzing and voicing their own views.

Here’s a sample of what you will find: An “ethnic minority” interpretation of Hagar and Ishmael (Janice De Whyte:Ghana/England) An LGBT reading of Genesis 37-50 (Mona West:United States) Jonah and the challenges and contradiction of Buenos Aires (Mariel Pons: Argentina) Micah and Toronto’s Poor (Shannon Barnes: Canada) and the Widow’s Offering and Dalit Theology (Johnson Thomaskutty:India)].

First Edition 2013

See the Table of Contents here.

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Reviews here.

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