“Petrine Ministry and Christocracy” and “Christian Unity” by Paul Anderson

Posted: March 14, 2013 in General

180932_10150406982795602_307263_n—-The following two documents of Dr. Paul Anderson are worth reading as the period of Pope Francis I begins here…

Dr. Anderson posts the links to his articles on the NTSW Group wall with the following comment:

[Okay, habemus papam–Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is now Pope Francis; excellent to have the first New World pope–historic, indeed!

Here’s my response to the Vatican in 2005 (responding to Ut Unum Sint, 1995–given to Pope Benedict and Cardinal Kasper in 2006) and reported on after that. Let us pray for one another that larger communities of faith might attend, discern, and mind the divine leadings–individually and corporately.]

See his two documents below:

(1) Petrine Ministry and Christocracy: A Response to Ut unum sint (http://www.georgefox.edu/discernment/petrine.pdf)

(2) “Christian Unity Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ: A New Vision of Catholicity?” (http://www.georgefox.edu/discernment/Unity.pdf)


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