Significant Theological Interviews

Posted: February 25, 2013 in General

interviewSome of the interviews I had conducted are herewith:

(1) “‘Eastern-Western’ in Academic Thinking”—A Dialogue with Dr. Dyron Daughrity in Pune

(2) Chinese Christianity, Missions, Globalization, and New Testament Interpretation: An Interview with Dr. G. Wright Doyle

(3) “Fifty Years as an Educator, Leader, and Theologian”: A Friendly Conversation with Dr. P. S. Jacob

(4) “I Personally Do Not See Much Value in ‘Academics’ for Its Own Sake”, says Dr. Brian C. Wintle

(5) Ian S. Kemp: An Expository Preacher, Teacher and Commentator of the Bible

(6) From Indian Public Administration to Comparative Religious Studies and Christian Thought: Dr. L. Shanthakumari Sunder Speaks…

(7) “Random Reflections”: An Interview With Dr. K. P. Aleaz

(8) An Academic Interaction with Dr. Bruce J. Nicholls

(9) An Unforgettable Time with Dutch New Testament Scholar Rob van Houwelingen

(10) “New Testament Research is similar to ‘Laboratory Work’”, says South African Scholar Gert J. Steyn

(11) A Scholarly Interaction with Prof. George H. van Kooten at Groningen

(12) By Ferdie: “Christ’s Resurrection as Unique Missional Paradigm – a Refreshing Dialogue with Rev. Johnson Thomakutty from India in Holland”

Johnson Thomaskutty, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Holland

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