F. F. Bruce’s Integration of Academic and Church Life, and How He Embarrassed Ernst Käsemann

Posted: December 4, 2012 in General

FF Bruce

Ferdie Mulder is discussing about F. F. Bruce’s 1975 SNTS Presidential address and his lack tension between academic and church life…

[Today 112 years ago, Frederick Fyvie Bruce, one of the most influential British New Testament scholars of the 20th century was born in Scotland. As a small tribute, I thought I will share two little excerpts of Tim Grass’ biography of Bruce’s life and academic work, published in 2011. Two specific sections caught my eye as I glanced over a few sections tonight. The first is the occasion of his presidential address, after being elected president of the SNTS in 1975 (with interesting comments about Ernst Käsemann’s body language!); and the second, the lack of tension he experienced between his academic study of the Bible and his approach to the Bible in personal or church life:]

Read the complete post here: http://resurrectionhope.blogspot.in/2012/10/ff-bruces-integration-of-academic-and.html

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