First Corinthians in Nine Lectures @ SBS, YWAM, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Posted: October 3, 2012 in General


School of Biblical Studies (SBS), YWAM Centre,

Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

(University of the Nations, UofN)


19-22 November 2012


Rev. Johnson Thomaskutty

(Union Biblical Seminary, Pune)

The following are the Nine lecture sessions:

(1) Corinthian Correspondence: An Introduction
(2)Problem of Divisions over Leaders and Wisdom (1:18-4:21)
(3) Problem of Sexual Immorality and Lawsuits (5:1-6:20)
(4) Problem of Marriage and Singleness (7:1-40)
(5) Problem of Idol Food and Eating in Idol Temples (8:1-11:1)
(6) Problem of Head Coverings in Worship (11:2-16)
(7) Problem of Abuses of the Lord’s Supper (11:17-34)
(8) Problem of Spiritual Gifts in Christ’s Body (12:1-14:40)
(9) Problem of the Future and the Form of the Resurrection (15:1-58)
Devotion During the Community Gathering:
“The Worship in Heaven” (Revelation 4)
Your Prayers are Appreciated!
  1. Hey John! That’s awesome that you taught at YWAM SBS course! I am a YWAM’er too! Did my DTS at the Lakeside Montana base in the US. Blessings!

  2. That’s great to know Brian Fulthorp. I am basically a seminary teacher; but, love to teach at SBS centers in Lonavala, Maharashtra and Mysore, Karnataka. Actually, these are the only two SBS centers in India. Looking forward to have more interactions with you in the coming days. Be blessed.

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