Jyoti Sahi and his Artistic Interpretations

Posted: May 28, 2012 in General

Jyoti Sahi, one of the famous art theologians of India, introduces himself on his facebook page as follows: “I am interested in the relation of art to spirituality, and also how art can be helpful in the dialogue between different faith traditions”.

For more information about his work, and current interests see his blog here: http://jyotiartashram.blogspot.com/

His artistic imaginations and descriptions on a variety of topics are portrayed on his blog. Some of the interesting topics are linked herewith: (1) Return to the Garden of Paradise; (2) The Heart of the Song of Songs; (3) The Shepherd; (4) Devotion and Song of Songs; (5) The Divine Incarnation into a World of Cultural Images; (6) Pilgrim Jesus; (7) Dalit and Adivasi Communities; (8) Mission and “Inculturation”; (9) Asian Christian Art; (10) Epiphany in the New Jerusalem; (11) The Marriage Feast at Cana; (12) Baptism and the Dream City; and others.

Have a look at the site, suggest your views, and interact with his interpretations.


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