New Book for Review: “The Fifth Disciple” by Cynthia Bove

Posted: May 24, 2012 in General

I’ve been asked to post an announcement about “The Fifth Disciple,” a new book by Cynthia Bove that’s a mashup of the Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles. The two spiritual manuscripts parallel each other in surprising and insightful ways.

An excerpt from “The Fifth Disciple” is available at the following link:

The excerpt is called “The One Answer,” and it provides a solution to what the author calls our “one problem: the belief that we are separate from the Divine.”

We’d love to hear your comments about “The Fifth Disciple.”

  1. phdavids says:

    There appears to be some valuable stuff in this work and some not so valuable stuff. Certainly not being judgmental is something that we learn from scripture and something that will help us live a calmer, more reflective life, able to hear God more clearly. On the other hand, the idea that Jesus only dreamt judgment etc. is not part of Christian orthodoxy. Of course, I only have the blurb and a bit of a chapter, but it sounds like the Gnosticism of the Gospel of Thomas and various New Age ideas are combining to create a denial of the difference between the human and divine and of the idea of final judgment, which Hebrews and 2 Peter, among others, puts as one of the basics of the faith.

  2. You have nicely recapitulated. I like this judgment. I wonder, why can’t you write a review in 2-3 or 3-4 pages?

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