New Book: “Christology: Biblical And Historical”

Posted: February 25, 2012 in General

New Book…

Title: “Christology: Biblical and Historical”

Author: Johnson, Mini S

Published by: Mittal Publications

Published 2010

Buy here:


Product Description:

Every Christology is part of a grateful and critical dialogue with the Christologies of predecessors and contemporaries, setting its own tiny accents in this great dialogue about the messianic secret of Jesus Christ. Such a critical dialogue necessarily involves being selective. The material from the Bible, the Fathers, and later church history, is complex and often controversial. Exegetes, patristic scholars, historians of doctrine, and philosophers will always want to hear more. But this work introduces the biblical, historical and philosophical contributions with the aim of setting our ‘own tiny accents’ in a systematic Christology which finds its primary interpretative key in the resurrection of the crucified Jesus and his presence, and not with the aim of writing a complete history of Christology.

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